Dr Carnesky's Incredible Bleeding Woman
Marisa Carnesky
Scenes from 68* Years
Hannah Khalil
Made Visible
Deborah Pearson

Photo: Marco Beradi

Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling   Andrew Poppy

Photo: Adam Levy

Photo: Richard Davenport

"Martin Langthorne’s excellent atmospheric lighting gives the pots a coppery glow and hearth-like warmth onto which are also projected shifting reflective patterns, that invite us back into uneasy memories."
Anoushka Shankar
Credible Likeable
Superstar Rolemodel
Bryony Kimmings
D​ickie Beau
We Raise our Hands
in the Sanctuary
Inky Cloak
Bitch Dyke Faghag Whore
                         Penny Arcade

Photo: Andrew Fleming

                    Foster & Dechery

Photo: Heidrun Lohr

Photo: Paul Blakemore

The Worst of Scottee

"Martin Langthorne’s lighting design 
​is crisply effective and otherworldly. "
"Marty Langthorne’s precisely defined lighting...her arms and face picked out in sharp relief against the surrounding dark..."

Photo: Hugo Glendenning

Photo: Ludovic des Cognets

So Below                   Haranczak/Navarre 
                    Foster & Dechery
                    Foster & Dechery

Photo: Ursula Kaufmann

Photo: Joel Fildes

"Langthorne’s lighting design brings warmth to the show whilst encased in darkness"
Hampton: Memories of Suburbia
Will Dickie
Lost in Trans
D​ickie Beau
Best Before End
"Marty Langthorne's lighting gives the whole thing a shadowy ambience, like a flickering dream."
"The lighting design is spare and stark and it’s effective. It’s married carefully with design to lead us into and out of ‘the play’ and the meta-world of self-reprobation and cross examination that frames it.."
Our True Feelings
Dog Kennel Hill Project

Photo: Ellie Kurtz

Photo: Jemima Yong

Control Signal
A Duet Without You
                    Chloe Dechery
The Assembly of Animals
                  Tim Spooner
Force Majeure
Rat Rose Bird
Sheila Ghelani

Photo: Mark Douet

The Desire Machine

Photo: Sarah Ainslie

Photo: Mark Douet

Photo: Adam Levy

Photo: Marco Beradi

Black River Falls
Bob Karper

Photo: Richard Davenport

Photo: Richard Davenport

The performance epitomises the ambience of the gay club scene with high-octane lighting synchronised with a soundtrack pumped full of 80s nostalgia."
"...the production owes much to the contribution of lighting designer Marty Langthorne"

Photo: Caleb Wissun-Bhide

Photo: Lucy Cash

Teeth Show
Natasha Davis

Photo: Diego Ferrari

Photo: Richard Davenport

Camera Lucida
Dead City Radio
Pamela Carter
The Iron Man
Matthew Robbins
"The lighting by Marty Langthorne was another highlight for such a small company. He used only a few white spots, but they were carefully dimmed to create a dream-like space..."

Photo: Marco Beradi

Photo: Darrell Berry

Photo: Adam Levy