Turner Reflections
Extractor Space, Deptford October 2015

This residency was an experiment

in working alone

to see what it felt like

I sat in the space

took it in

tried to listen

And found a memory

an idea of home

I explored colour

their vibrations

I looked at light

observed it in the space

over the course of the day

I found some chairs at the market

imagined a conversation

And something happened…

Photo: Kate Blackmore

Photo: Kate Blackmore

In April 2015 I designed an installation to represent the new dance space to be built for South East Dance on the site of the old covered market in Brighton. 

Photo: Zoe Manders

Photo: Kate Blackmore

Photo: Lucy Cash

Photo: Lucy Cash

I’ve been designing light in performance for a long time now. My process always involves a lengthy decision over the right colour palette to suit the project. Through this I developed a fascination with colour and together with my lighting skills I began a solo art practise. I felt I wanted to explore what it was like to work alone and rigorously investigate all the possibilities of colour and how they are produced through light. I’ve taken inspiration from the seminal book by Joseph Albers,” Interaction of Colour.” Albers talks about what colour does to us in certain combinations, what response it evokes and how it makes us feel. As a starting point for works I’ve used photographs of landscapes that have significance for me or have some importance in my memory. The installations have become abstractions of the original images where form, line and colour are the primary concerns. The linear lights are the basic units I use to construct or reconstruct these images and it’s the putting together of these units of colour where the real making occurs.

Coming from a background in theatre, the viewer/audience and how they view the work is an important consideration. Sometimes I’ll use chairs to encourage sitting in front of the work or placing the work at viewing height as a painting would be. Also working site specifically is important when constructing these installations. How the work responds to the space, ie, using existing architecture to frame or site the piece and how the space responds to the work with reflections and refractions.

"The angle of the wall lights gave the distinct feeling of being afloat. I found myself drawn to the centre and feeling so able to relax in its presence! It was highly sociable… and shape shifted over time…      

A response to Far From Home

Photo: Lucy Cash

Warehouse Sky
Articulate Project Space, Sydney​ January 2015

Photo: Zoe Manders

Photo: Lucy Cash

Far From Home
Tidemill Studios, Deptford July 2014
The Dance Space Launch
South East Dance
 Circus Street Brighton
April 2015